authenticity is the new sexy

SocietyRebel_Hawaiiauthenticity is the new sexy

<<< D  H  A  R  M  A >>>

Be vulnerable.  Be free .  Be you in this cluttered world.

from one vulnerable soul to another vulnerable soul

Order – what is order? What is alignment? Balance? What defines it, what defines anything? And by whose definition do we follow?  Under what belief pattern did they generate that thought? What was their past transiting thoughts, that gave them this belief? Where does their thought process come in? Does it align with my beliefs? Does it balance out from my past judgments and experiences?  Does that matter? Or do you create anew? Aren’t we always suppose to learn? To expand? To grow? To evolve into our greater self?  Our true soul? Our true nature? Our Sat nam.

Why have we been ‘generated’ ‘programmed’ to believe we must be anything but ourselves. Why wasn’t I ever told to find my own truth would find my own peace? Why didn’t anyone mention how your thoughts create your world? Your dreams? Your path? Your journey? And your destination? Why didn’t the world nurture us to believe that if we set ourselves with the right strong positive mindset and self love – we truly can conquer the world?

Well, I am on a ‘journey’ of just that. To break from this clutter of our minds, of what I thought once was the WAY, and shake myself off and create a new.

A new way of thinking that is always in the best interest for myself. For my loved ones. For the others around me. For the world. I am going to just do what I do best…. Put all kind of thoughts, quotes, ideas into one ‘attempted’ organized manner, and guide yourself to your own D H A R M A. That true self that is forever yours, waiting to be ignited.

Are you ready for a life of eternal P E A C E?


let’s dig right in and face everything and rise

It is all in your power.  What are you going to do with this new found power?

Vendi Vida Amavi  –  We came. We Saw. We loved.

Be vulnerable.  Be free. Be you in this cluttered world.

From one vulnerable soul to another vulnerable soul.

Sat Nam,


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