finding peace within your chaos

SocietyRebel_Tahoefinding peace within your chaos

If all you do today, is breathe, that is perfectly Okay!

I  am healing from an illness, which was considered ‘unknown.’ Although it is not life threatening, I was left feeling very alone and scared. I became ill at the age of 22, and as you can imagine that was ‘peak’ stage of one’s social life, consisting of finding pleasure around eating out or drinking. With my illness I couldn’t eat, nor drink anything that I ever did before. Basically, for a quick short story, everything that I ever knew to be true for myself, was no longer – I had to flip my entire lifestyle around.

by myself. for myself. within myself.

As much ‘support’ as I was able to receive, I realized that the only one who can heal myself…is me.

I had to be the hero of my own story.

I let the questions and thoughts of others make me doubt myself and what my journey was. I tried everything in my power to focus my attention outwards and to not have to focus on the pain that I felt internally. I had what appeared to be the ‘good life’ – family, husband, friends supporting me… but I felt lost, stuck, alone, fearful…. because no matter what I said I felt – NO ONE UNDERSTOOD – what I was truly feeling inside, each and every moment. That I was in a deep dark pain, each and every day and had no idea how to turn it around. Was I ever going to heal? Or was this going to be my forever?

As diet is most important, I completely disowned everything I knew of nutrition and retaught myself. I got ridiculed and harassed (a friend version), when I would bring my food. People constantly brought me into attention, for my ‘different path.’ This made me sad, and doubtful at times, as I just wanted to ‘blend in,’ and not constantly be bombarded by my actions. As you can see in my tone, I felt attacked all the time… because of the unknown journey I was on. So I continued on my diet, and my husband – my rock, joined along effortlessly and we did what we could to reverse this ‘illness’ that someone DEFINED OF ME. Each doctor visit tested my patience, and threw me back onto the floor, but day by day I picked up all my pieces and pulled myself together…..


 mindfulness is ever so important

And this was something that I never knew of. What is that?

As a female, we are raised to believe we should relate and compare ourselves to others to find self confidence/self love – as we all know, and experience, the truth is the pure opposite. I did my own pity party of the WHY me, scenario over and over… and I HATED it… so I had to change.

I had to be the hero of my own story

What did I do? I surrendered. My husband randomly bought me a groupon for a yoga studio for my birthday – not realizing it was kundalini. At the time – had no idea what that practice was and after being sooo nervous of all the chanting in the class… I left with tears flowing out of me….

but this time it was different… instead of tension/doubt tears – I smiled while I cried.

I knew right then, I was exactly where I needed to be, and right here was a holy blessing. I was referred to find my spiritual name, and let that help guide me along my journey.  To my surprise – my name changed my entire world….. and I knew the universe had my back.


  • Honor Yourself
  • Don’t let the definition that someone placed upon you be all
  • Don’t dig up in doubt, what you planted in faith
  • You create your own perspective, your own energy
  • It is in your power to create and create again – the thoughts you choose to think
  • Trust that everything has led us to right here, right now
  • Surrender to the divine order
  • Get out of your own way

This doesn’t mean to ignore what you have, or to act as though it doesn’t exist (if only it was that easy) but it means to FIND peace, in your journey. Find peace in your actions, and give yourself credit for the little victories. Again, if all you did today was breathe, then that is perfectly OKAY!

I am blessed to live as Sat Pritam Kaur, the Princess/Lioness of God who is filled with a deep love for the infinite Truth.

Sat means Truth, the infinite Truth. Pritam is love, beloved. Kaur is a name that all women receive – the Princess/Lioness of God who walks with grace and strength throughout her life. Yogi Bhajan taught that every woman has the potential to attain this divine state and encouraged all to manifest it.

My name, Sat Pritam Kaur, is telling you that a good way for you to connect with your soul is by falling in love with the Truth that exists without conditions or restrictions of time and space. It is this love of your soul that will guide you and others to a very divine state of consciousness where you will find peace.

Get your spiritual name today at and let your power guide you.

Sat Nam, Jennifer

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