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have an idea? give it life.

We specialize in custom branding, marketing, graphic design and screen printing services to make your idea a reality.

In order to help grow your business, L2L offers the following services:

Custom Graphic Design
CREATIVITY IS POWER: • Ad Design • Announcements • Brand Image Design • Business Cards • Brochures • Concept Development Design • Event Design/Branding Development Design • Flyers • Invitations • Logo Design • New Business Platform Design • Packaging Design
Special Event / Tradeshow Design
BOOST YOUR EVENT / TRADE SHOW RESULTS: We customize your order based on your special event. Connect with your target audience on a functional and emotional level - leaving your signature brand impression. A consistent brand image will leave that lasting impression.
Advertising and Marketing Services
EXPERIENCE STRATEGY: Target strategic thinking takes your marketing approach to the next level. Differentiating creative drives marketing ROI. MAXIMIZE YOUR BRAND PRESENCE: Social Media Designs. Selecting the social channel most appropriate for your business. Increase your brand reach and create greater online visibility.
SILK SCREEN PRINTING: have an idea? give it life. Maybe it is a special announcement? A team outing? A logo design? Or particular artwork you like? Love2Live Printing can make it happen for you. We specialize in printing on clothing apparel, can holders and tote bags.
Can Cooler/ Tote Bag Screen Printing
PARTY IN STYLE: Be a hostest with the mostest and provide your guest with a custom design party favor! A party favor is a small gift given to the guests at a party as a gesture of thanks for their attendance, a souvenir of the occasion, gifts, decorations for weddings, baby showers, birthday parties, and more!
GROWING EMPIRES TOGETHER: Take your brand to the next level. We have had the luxury of working with well established clothing lines, helping take their brand to the next level. We strive in thorough communication, ensuring that your order exceeds your initial request.


Simple as that.

Being a word of mouth business- we take pride in our relationships with our customers, and value the connections we make, to help create the masterpiece that they have always dreamed of.


Good vibes from start to finish

Relationships go best when we treat our customers as our friends.
Our ‘friends’ are the ultimate designers – we just make their idea a reality.



Flowing into the New Year

You were  once asked ‘what do you want to be when you grow up?….’ Most children are quick to say police officer, firefighter, astronaut or teacher. This is what society ‘suggests‘ them they should be, as these figures are who we look up to. What child wouldn’t want to be looked up to, like they look […]

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authenticity is the new sexy

authenticity is the new sexy <<< D  H  A  R  M  A >>> Be vulnerable.  Be free .  Be you in this cluttered world. from one vulnerable soul to another vulnerable soul Order – what is order? What is alignment? Balance? What defines it, what defines anything? And by whose definition do we follow?  Under […]

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finding peace within your chaos

finding peace within your chaos If all you do today, is breathe, that is perfectly Okay! I  am healing from an illness, which was considered ‘unknown.’ Although it is not life threatening, I was left feeling very alone and scared. I became ill at the age of 22, and as you can imagine that was […]

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